My Brother’s Keeper
NOT My Brother’s Killer


  Founder and Executive Director:  Dr. Jack
  is an author, visionary and internationally
  recognized ambassador of reconciliation.  Jack
  is  uniquely qualified to position the MBK
  foundation as a significant change agent for
  international reconciliation and peace.  He brings
  more than 20 years of global reconciliation
  experience to the team providing the foundation
with a credible and much sought after capability.  

Summary of service:
- served as senior chaplain of the South Eastern Correctional Ministry
- director of COMINAD (Corporative Missions Network of the African
- keynote speaker on scriptural reconcilaition - Belgium, Ukraine,
  South and West Africa, China, Singapore, Thailand, Benin, others
- has presented the message of reconciliation among U.S. senators,
  congressmen, ambassadors, pastors and peoples of diverse nations,
  societies, and cultures 

 Chairman:  For nearly four decades, Jerry Gaines
  served as a high school teacher, school
  administrator, coach, and mentor.  His recently
  published book, "Forty Stories High", is his tribute to
  the many students and athletes he has
  taught and mentored during his long career as an
  educator.  He has been a positive influence on 
  hundreds of students, parents, and colleagues. 
  He still enjoys interactions with many of his
  former students, some of whom are now grandparents themselves. 

Achievements include: 
- noted speaker: "The Equation of Life"
- first African American to receive full athletic scholarship to Virginia
- holds the oldest documented track records
- inducted into Tech's Sport Hall of Fame
- System-wide Teacher of the Year (1990)
- Coach of the Year (8 consecutive district titles)

 Business Affairs:  Jerald Gaines, is a
 native of Chesapeake VA where he serves as the
of Business Affairs for the My Brother’s
 Keeper Not My Brother’s Killer foundation. 
 Jerald’s 25 years of experience as a business
 owner and a former executive for the Target
 Corporation has equipped him with valuable
 capabilities utilized by this foundation.  In addition
 to his business skills, Jerald has served as a public school teacher, a missionary, teacher and counselor within the Virginia jail and prison system. 

Achievements include:
- Signed with the National Football League's Atlanta Falcons
- Signed with the American Baseball League's Texas Rangers
- All-American in College football, baseball, and track and field
- One of two Western Carolina athletes to retire their jersey
- Induction into his high school, college, and Chesapeake Sports Hall
  of Fame

 Operations and Administration:  
  Bernand (Cookie) Myrick is the Director of
  Operations and Administration for the My Brother’s
  Keeper Not My Brother’s Killer foundation.  Cookie
  leverages his more than 29 years of business,
  leadership, technical experience and expertise
  in establishing the infrastructure, best practices,
  and operational strategies of this foundation.  His experience includes that of a business owner, 23 years of
leadership and technical service in corporate America, and a business consultant. 

Achievements include:

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