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South Sudan Reconciliation Conference

MBK and collaborating ministries have formed the Committee for Reconciliation in South Sudan (CRISS) in response to specific challenges faced by the new Nation of South Sudan.  CRISS is collaborating among several Religious organizations, Partners and NGOs including My Brother’s Keeper Foundation, Calvary Ministries (CAPRO), The Reconciliation and Development Corporation and its parent organization Refuge Ministries Inc., Reconciliation Eagles, Initiative of Change, Polk Building Ministries (PBM), and RockSecure. 

The Reconciliation conference will take place in August 2015 and will be hosted in the African Nation of Rwanda.  CRISS desires to offer our efforts and resources to address the legacy of continued conflict in the nation and serve South Sudan in the area of reconciliation from a biblical perspective and will include both the socio-economic benefits and development.  To this end, we plan to establish a framework that will support and facilitate national reconciliation and healing aimed at our South Sudanese Christian brothers and sisters in particular and the country at large.

As part of this framework, CRISS is initiating a Reconciliation conference in Rwanda which will serve as a neutral location to engage with church leaders.   We are also planning a pre-conference engagement process for relationship building in South Sudan.  This is to effectively engage church leaders, create awareness for the Rwanda conference and provide a forum to communicate, interact and get to know one another better.


Statement of Purpose
Our goal is to support South Sudan churches to model scriptural reconciliation to the nation. The solidarity of the churches and commitment to biblical reconciliation with their brothers and sisters regardless of their tribal identity is paramount in bringing about lasting peace between all the warring factions.  In essence, the church can bring about peace in a fundamental paradigm shift different from the political strategy. South Sudanese church could be a tool in God’s hand to model reconciliation not just in South Sudan but also internationally to the nations through complete obedience to God’s biblical reconciliation.

Our desire is to work relentlessly together with the Leadership of the South Sudan Council of Churches and others towards this major singular purpose of Biblical Reconciliation.

Reconciliation Commitment and Expected Outcomes  

  • Commitment to Scriptural Reconciliation
  • Strengthen the South Sudanese Church to model scriptural reconciliation to the nation/become the Agent of National reconciliation for peace and unity
  • CRISS work together with Church and Organizational Leaders to facilitate National Cohesion in the Church community and the nation. 
  • Establish trusting relationships and form partnerships that will enable socioeconomic development
  • Education and school building projects to bring about national cohesion among ethnic rivals
  • Establish a platform for concrete actions and projects as the dividend of Reconciliation
  • Support Church leaders to collaborate and alleviate the danger posed by the continuous conflict in South Sudan
  • Establish a framework to translate and mobilize the scriptural reconciliation message in diverse ethnic languages for maximum impact

Organization Partner

   My Brother's Keeper Foundation
   Initiative of Change
   Leaders Of Existing Peace Initiative
   Reconciliation Eagles
   Reconciliation and Development Corporation
   Precision Block Making (PBM) Ministry

 Executive Committee Members

  • Dr. Jack Gaines:                Chairman, CRISS
  • Bishop Ewart Forde:         Planning & Administrative Director
  • Rev. Sylvester Turner:      Director or Research and Reconciliation Services
  • Bernand (Cookie) Myrick: Director of Delegate, Presenters, and Guest Services
  • Pastor Amos Aderonmu:  Mobilization Director
  • Dr Peter Abraham:            In-Country Coordinator
  • Dr. Kunle Olowe:               Assistant Planning and Administrative Director


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