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South Sudan Reconciliation Conference

The My Brother's Keeper Foundation is honored to be particiating in the 2015 Reconciliation Conference for South Sudanese Church Leaders.  The conference will be hosted in the nation of Rwanda Africa.   The conference features the participation of local and national South Sudanese church leaders that are dedicated to the modeling of scriptural reconciliation to the nation.

In preparation, MBK and collaborating ministries have formed the Committee for Reconciliation in South Sudan (CRISS) in response to specific challenges faced by the new Nation of South Sudan.
  CRISS is collaborating among several Religious organizations, Partners and NGOs including My Brother’s Keeper Foundation, Calvary Ministries (CAPRO), The Reconciliation and Development Corporation and its parent organization Refuge Ministries Inc., Reconciliation Eagles, Initiative of Change, Polk Building Ministries (PBM), and RockSecure.  Read more...  

MBK... Reconciliation

  1. South Sudan... August 2015
  2. Tawain... 23rd through March 29th   
  3. Bangladesh... International Prayer Summit (Feb 2014 Prayer)
  4. South Sudan... Planning and survey to build schools October 2014) also spoke with the parliament., did reconciliation workshop with community and church leaders
  5. 2014... Interviewed with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Reconciliation Eagles... to produce reconciliation video.
  6. South Sudan... Prayer Summit. (2013)
  7. Amman Jordon... Invited by Operation Mobilization (OM) to conduct reconciliation workshops
  8. 2012, Juneteenth Celebration, reconciliation in Hampton Va.
  9. South Africa... October 2010.  participant in the Luzon conference... Global outreach
  10. Spoke at the National Press Club in DC to launch new book, My Brother's Keeper Not My Brother's Killer 2009)


MBK... The Equation of Life

  1. Pastor and leaders of Gethsemane Church (January 13th)
  2. Western Branch High School Track Team (January 15th)
  3. Riverbend Middle School (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (January 24th)
  4. Key Note Speaker - Martin Luther King... VA Tech University (January 27th)
  5. Norfolk Rotary Club (Luncheon)... Norfolk VA (February 10th
  6. Gethsemane Church return engagement (February 21st)
  7. Norfolk Virginia Conference of Black Alumni ... Arlington VA (February 28th)
  8. Youth for Christ, Old Dominian University (April 2nd)
  9. Mentors Panel, I.C. Norcom High School (April 18th)
  10. Key Note Speaker, Retired Professionals of VA... (July) 


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