My Brother’s Keeper
NOT My Brother’s Killer

Our audience:  We will impact education, government, religion, sports, business, media, and social influences...

We will impact education, government, religion, sports, business, media, and social influences to engage all people of local, national and international communities.  

We will do so regardless of gender, race, creed or color -- regardless of nationality, political persuasion, or religious/non religious affiliation.  "My Brother's Keeper Not My Brother's Killer" will engage all people of all nations.  Simply put, all humanity share the same DNA.

ignity... All men are of equal value and deserving of respect, ethical treatment, and quality of life.

Neighbors... technology reduces the barriers of time and space between peoples of all nations allowing them to relate as a global family.

Ancestry... all of humanity share a common ancestry, regardless of race, color, or ethnicity.

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