My Brother’s Keeper
NOT My Brother’s Killer

We are focused and single minded in our approach to communicate the truths of scriptural reconciliation

We are not political, entrepreneurial, or religious in our approach, and therefore, less likely to be impeded by their limitations.  This allows us greater access to a more diverse population of people.

We seek to equip everyone with the truth of genuine reconciliation by engaging all spheres of influence with the message, the modeling, and the application of scriptural reconciliation.









examining 6 crucial points:

My Brother’s Keeper Not My Brother’s Killer examines 6 crucial  points necessary in understanding the root cause of man’s conflict with his brother and “addiction” for self gratification even at the risk of causing destruction of love ones.  Ultimately, the 6 crucial points helps us to understand other significant revelations that include: a) man’s attempt to live apart from his Creator and consequently establishing an alternate path separate and contrary to his Creator, b) the Creator’s solution of scriptural reconciliation, and c) man’s purpose, motive, and objective. 

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