My Brother’s Keeper
NOT My Brother’s Killer

Who is the My Brother's Keeper NOT My Brother's Killer Foundation?

Headquartered in Chesapeake VA (USA), the My Brother’s Keeper Not My Brother’s Killer non profit Foundation is a deliberate outcome for the need of genuine reconciliation and restoration among peoples of all nations.  We are a grassroots organization whose mission is to engage, ignite, and facilitate the truths of temporal and eternal benefits of scriptural reconciliation in the hearts, minds, and practices of local, national and international communities. 

We are NOT… POLITICAL - MBK transcends policy and seeks to transform the policy makers, resulting in governments that promote life, not death, and peace and unity among all people.

We are NOT… an ENTREPRENEURIEL venture, although operating from a reconciled paradigm may result in socioeconomic development and the building of communities.

We are NOT… a RELIGIOUS movement… MBK understands the deep roots of our inability as humans to achieve peace and reconciliation - not merely to engage in an expressed set of beliefs, attitudes and practices .
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