My Brother’s Keeper
NOT My Brother’s Killer

Excerpts from My Brother's Keeper Not My Brother's Killer... book

 - Restored in friendship and love

 - Establsih trusting relationships and form patnerships
   to allow for socioeconomic development

 - Build communities where we can become our
   brother's Keeper not our brother's killer
 The Creator of humanity and of all things was the first to be victimized in all of human history... 

"He explained to me that he was victimized in Genesis in His dealing with Adam."  Although a victim of man's disobedience and deceit, it was the Creator who sought to be reconciled with man... not man seeking to be reconciled with his Creator.

 It was man who established an alternate path contrary to that of his Creator...

“The birth of iniquity… In Adam, man began exercising his God-given free will to act contrary to God’s will without accepting blame.  Iniquity has plagued man ever since.  This single incident is history has resulted in all kinds of complexities in life-all levels of conflict.  Sin is the wrongful act, and iniquity is the attempt to justify it.  Excuses lead to refusals to reconcile and align with God’s will.  Adam disobeyed God, stepped of His path, and created an alternative path for man to follow. 

 Created to choose...

“First, God helped me to see that man’s free will is pointless if there were no choice involved.  Adam had a clear choice – to eat or not to eat… Adam not only choice to disobey Me, but he shifted the blame – first to Me, then to Eve – and did not accept responsibility for his own actions. Adam justified in his disobedience in his own mind.

 The birth of iniquity, the beginning of man's misplaced blame...

“Birth of iniquity, the beginning of man’s misplaced blame, justify sin, and avoid responsibility.  In Adam, man began exercising his God-given free will to act contrary to God’s will without accepting blame.”

 Killing Able throughout history!  Cain's problem was with God, but he unleashed his wrath against his brother Able...

“In other words, God was telling him, your problem is with Me, not your brother.  You need to follow the set of rules for atonement and reconcile with Me.   Choose My path not yours.” … “Cain refused instruction from the Creator of life… Cain killed is brother.”  

 Iniquity and deception = the ultimate lie...

"that we can deal with life's conflicts and confrontations man to man.  The deception at the root of these difficult issues lies in man's attempt to resolve them through other humans like ourselves when they are really man to God issues."


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