My Brother’s Keeper
NOT My Brother’s Killer

Welcome to the My Brother's Keeper NOT My Brother's Killer Foundation.

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We are honored you have chosen to visit us at our official home site.  We encourage you to explore and examine its content.  Get to know who we are, and what we do in providing the"Blueprint to ending conflict in our times".

 - Restored in friendship and love

 - Establish trusting relationships and form partnerships
   to allow for socioeconomic development

 - Build communities where we can become our
   brother's Keeper not our brother's killer


From Neighborhoods to Nations... we seek to understand and lessen the growing tide of communal conflicts around the world.  The effects of violence and destruction perpetrated against humanity from neighborhoods to nations have caused alarm in our communities and governments.  Gang related killings, tribal massacres, violence against innocent love ones, war, genocide, and other vile behaviors have resulted in many different “solutions" yielding varying degrees of limited success.  Unfortunately most of these initiatives address the symptoms and fail to deal with the root of the problem… the genuine lack of concern for the destruction of our brother.  When we examine history, it reveals that our good intentions for peace are littered with broken promises, dishonored agreements and failed treaties.
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